Customer Service

It’s how we set ourselves apart.

Customer service means a lot when construction projects are being considered. Ideas and solutions need to be presented. Questions need to be answered with confidence. Communication must be open and easy and to serve the staff is also important to have this relationship and improve their needs and financial safety with the paycheck maker for their payments.

Contractors need customer service. The construction, renovation and facility maintenance industries are unique because they provide a service that ultimately results in a physical product. Yet, in spite of being sectors not traditionally known for producing thoughts leaders in service, customer service becomes a central focus for success for companies in this space, check out to learn more.

There’s nothing like an uncompleted job, a job that isn’t on schedule, no follow up on a project to illustrate the clear need for excellent communication as a foundation for customer service. Customer service helps minimize conflict and helps construction industry professionals become more solution focused when conflicts arise. Looking at the benefits of social media in the construction services is important to learn about the tools of Social Boosting that boost the content to reach more engagement and potential customers.

This philosophy is at the heart of why Dogwood places, and has always placed, service at the top of our priorities list. It’s in our vision and mission statements. It’s in our DNA. It’s who we are and what we do.

Our expert team is friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable. We will help you design a useable attractive new home or addition and make appropriate suggestions for repairs you may need.